About Me

Minako Sasaki

Minako Sasaki is a highly-regarded batteries for solar power blogger, recognized for her expansive knowledge of the renewable energy sector and her ability to break down complex concepts into easily digestible content. Born in Yokohama, Japan, Minako’s fascination with energy storage inspired her to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering from Tokyo University.

Upon graduation, Minako entered the renewable energy industry, focusing specifically on the intersection of solar power and battery technology. Her passion for educating the public about the importance of energy storage in the transition towards sustainable living led her to start her blog, “Minako’s Solar Battery Diaries”.

“Minako’s Solar Battery Diaries” quickly became a trusted source of information on battery technologies, industry trends, and best practices for energy storage. Minako’s skill in demystifying technical aspects has attracted a wide readership, from industry professionals to homeowners interested in solar power systems.

Beyond her blog, Minako is a frequent speaker at renewable energy conferences and events, sharing her insights and advocating for advancements in battery technology for solar power. She also collaborates with various energy companies and research institutions, offering her expertise to shape the future direction of the solar power and battery storage industry.

In her leisure time, Minako enjoys cycling and painting, activities that allow her to connect with nature and express her creativity. Minako Sasaki is more than just a blogger; she is a devoted advocate for solar power and battery storage, committed to powering the path towards a sustainable future through her insightful writings.


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